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The best choice for medical studies today.

A well-informed choice helps in making the right decision & selecting the right University’.  The Choices We make Today, Shape Tomorrow’. TOMORROW’S DOCTOR’

Become an International Medical Doctor: Gain International exposure; make friends with thousands of other foreign students studying medicine. Practice anywhere in the world. Our International students come from US, Canada, Australia, UK, Scandinavian & EU countries, Vietnam, Taiwan, India (Over 35 Indian students including NRI’s are studying in the Medical University), Saudi Arabia (Government sponsored students already studying), Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.

MBBS: 5years of study with clinical/electives every year + 1 year of Internship.

Tuition Fee: 40,000PLN (Polish Zloty) per year.

Recognition: Listed on the WHO, IMED directory; the University’s degree is recognized throughout European Union, UK (GMC), US, Canada, India (Listed in MCI), Saudi Arabia (Listed in the Medical Council as well as students are sponsored by the Saudi Govt.), etc.; respected and recognized throughout the world.

High quality of Medical Education: Did you know that the first full face transplant in the USA was done by a team of surgeons lead by a Polish doctor, Maria Siemionow who graduated from Medical University in Poland.

Oct 23, 2014: Surgeons in Poland performed a groundbreaking cell transplant that allowed a paralyzed man to walk again.

Career: Practice all over the world. You can work as a doctor, all over Europe including UK, US, etc. Doctors in Poland can also run their own private practice/clinics.

Financial: Affordable Cost, Low Tuition fee and living cost (200-250Euro including accommodation). There are student dormitories close to the University and cost 475PLN.

Study program: is entirely instructed in English and designed to meet the European Union, United States (USMLE) & Medical Council of Canada Evaluating Examination (MCCEE) standards with their internationally accredited exams. European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is applicable too.

Free training classes of USMLE part1 & part2 are provided for students wishing to take residency options in the US.

Doctors are eligible to practice in Europe, UK, US, Canada, India, Middle East, etc.


Poland: The only Schengen country in EU, which saw an increase in the GDP during recession; stable economy; strong infrastructure and high-tech laboratories.

Indian National Science Academy has also signed an Agreement with the Polish Academy of Sciences to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Cooperation in Pathomechanism, Diagnosis and Therapy of Lymphatic Diseases.

Poland has also introduced the “BLUE CARD” for highly skilled professionals; this would allow the professionals to work and settle in the European Union.

You can work throughout the EU and apply for settlement in 5 years. You can also stay back and work in Poland once you complete your studies.

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