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Thahasin Taj Mohan"BTEC had extended their valuable service to pursue my higher studies in Europe. The consultants bared a good responsiveness in helping me to find out the exact program and university according to my interest of study. Apart from this, they have provided the pre-departure and post landing services that helped me a lot in settling down in a new place. I am very pleased with their support and guidance to accomplish my wish to study abroad."
Mohammed Thahasin Taj Mohan
Programe : Medicine - 6 years MD, Poland


Reethu Saju"The service provided by BTEC Universities was excellent. It was a great experience and I am impressed with the professional approach of the entire team in BTEC, to help me to achieve my dream. The counsellors had given me all the necessary information, and had supported me to successfully complete my admission process and visa process. I am really satisfied with the service and co-operation of each and every department of BTEC. I wish BTEC all success in future."
Reethu Saju
Programe : Bachelor in Management, Poland


Nibin Menacherry"I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to BTEC Study Abroad for their excellent support throughout the whole process to get admission in Medical University in Poland. They are fast and effective in everything they do transparent and reliable at all situations. They provided me various study options and helped me choose the best considering my educational background. I would recommend this organization to people seeking studies abroad. Utmost thanks and wishes to BTEC Study Abroad"
Nibin Menacherry
Programe : Medicine - 6 years MD, Poland


Sameen Fatima"The dedicated services provided by BTEC Study Abroad is highly satisfactory. Everything from the course selection to the visa application was done in an easy and comfortable manner. The BTEC team is very friendly and supportive. They clarified all my doubts regarding studies abroad and provided valuable information. They helped me to have a smooth transition from the country of my residence to the chosen destination. The BTEC team was ready to offer any help or advice whenever I approached them. I was very happy with the courteous and professional service provided by the staffs of BTEC. Through BTEC, now, my parents have started the admission process for my brother to study Medicine Programme in Poland (2018 Sep batch). I would definitely recommend BTEC to my friends who are planning to go abroad for further studies."
Sameen Fatima, Programe : Bachelor in Management, Poland


Nikhil Neel"With a keen interest in studying abroad, I have been exploring various options since my 11th grade. I was confused and was unable to make a decision. Fortunately I Had met BTEC team member and they provided me good career guidance and also helped me in choosing the right course matcting my aptitude. I am highly obliged to BTEC for supporting me in admissions to Engineering programe in one of the worlds renowned university in Czech Republic. I would advise all my friends to seek guidance and support from BTEC to study abroad and meeting their ambitions."
Nikhil Neel
Programe : B Sc Mechanical Engineering, Czech Republic


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