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"I was on active duty when I started my education, and due to my deployments schedule there was no way I could get my Masters degree. BTEC facilities helped me achieve my degree with weekend classes and at convenient locations. Pursuing my Masters helped me tremendously in getting my present job. I have been blessed to be a part of BTEC and highly recommend BTEC to others.”

Kawakib Jaffar Alasmawi
Key Account Manager
Corporate Direct
AXA Insurance (Gulf) B.S.C. (c)


"Once I joined BTEC, I never had to look back. The curriculum is modern and something I can readily relate to. The lecture sessions are so conveniently scheduled that I seldom miss one. Much of learning is by research work and the tutors are so helpful. I am on schedule on the course and the effect I so apparent at my work.
It’s one of the best decisions in my life.
Thank you BTEC "

Pamela Philip

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” – Mahatma Gandhi
A fact of life is “Education being the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” which indeed is made possible by BTEC who guides and prepare you for a better tomorrow.

Milan Goonetilleke


“My studies at BTEC have helped my career because I learned a great deal about business and have been able to use this knowledge to start my company. During my studies at BTEC for Diploma and MBA, gave me tremendous opportunities to learn. In the beginning, I was really nervous that what I would do and it seems to be very difficult to carry on with my degree but as the time was going on I was really experiencing fun and I had enjoyed all my lectures and presentations which gave me confidence to defeat stage fright.
I never consider myself to be extraordinary, but I am always ready to make an extraordinary effort.
The course at BTEC was a dream come true for me & I feel that studying at BTEC was one of the cleverest decisions I have ever made. My MBA made my life and gave me the career what I wanted."

Awis Khan


"I always had a keen interest in social media marketing and so my dissertation focused on social media marketing. This helped me to understand why this particular avenue of marketing was becoming so important and why any business planning on having an online presence needs to take advantage of this tool that has been provided to businesses.
The marketing modules and elements related to strategic planning in my degree have been extremely valuable, having completed my MBA from BTEC and using my dissertation as an opportunity of understanding social media even further.
The MBA Top Up course at BTEC was fantastic, I've learnt a lot as well as being able to put large amounts of what I have learnt into practice. The support provided by the faculty was incredible and really helped me achieve my overall goal.
I loved the course and lectures at BTEC. Thank you, for promoting my work."

Jullianne May


"The skills, knowledge and understanding which I gained on my degree, were really useful in my work role across culture communication, the ability to adapt to different business needs, the ability to multi-task and team working skills. I cannot thank BTEC enough for all the great opportunities it has given me over the past year. Staff members and work colleagues are all super kind and always happy to help. BTEC environment is beautiful and the perfect place to study and enjoy time with friends. My tutors have always been really helpful and I am really grateful to everyone for all the support and advice provided over the last year. Lastly I just want to say that anyone coming to BTEC is in for something really special and I wish that all the new students will have the same wonderful experience I had."

Mohammed Abdullah Al Maisari


"By doing MBA in Business Management and Finance from BTEC I was able to secure a work placement in Dubai. The knowledge I gained from modules such as cross cultural management was crucial when working in Dubai in investment banking. My studies at BTEC helped my career, because I learned a huge amount about business during my course through the modules I took. I also used the skills I gained from my Accounting and Finance modules by applying them to real life forecasting.
BTEC has been a great way to gain the knowledge you need to go into either Business or Finance, I loved my course and thoroughly enjoyed my time at there. My lecturers were very helpful and I am grateful for all the support and advice I received throughout my studies."

Omar Ali Mohammed

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