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You're trying to decide whether to take the plunge and do a PhD. Perhaps you've done well, enjoyed the research you've been involved in so far, and now think you'd like to do more. Your department or honours supervisor could be encouraging you to follow up a promising line of enquiry. Maybe you think having a PhD will increase your career options or help in personal growth. It may be a necessary requirement in your work. Or perhaps now you have the opportunity to pursue something you've always been interested in or you're ready to take up a new challenge.

The PhD programmes from our associated UK universities are designed to aid the inquisitive trait of pupil who wants to travel to the indepth knowledge of subjects of their interests. It helps you in not only becoming a subject expert but also gives a great amount of knowledge acquisition. Studying for a postgraduate qualification is an investment in your career. The PhD facilitated through BTEC will lead you to be a mentor. BTEC's Admission Services will support you throughout enrollment on to PhD degree.


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